Professor Robert Park visited Agronômica!


Valmir, Robert Park and José Antônio Martinelli

The Prof. José Antônio Martinelli, Department of Fitossanidade, UFRGS, brought Prof. Robert Park, University of Sydney, Australia, to visit Agronômica. We feel very honored with the interest of Prof. Robert and with the indication of Prof. Martinelli. The Prof. Robert met the various sectors and talked to the analysts in the different areas of the laboratory.

Professor Robert Park currently holds the Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainable Agriculture. He is Director of the Australian Cereal Rust Control Program, which includes nodes at the University of Adelaide, CSIRO Plant Industry, and the International Wheat and Maize Improvement Centre in Mexico (CIMMYT). His research group at the University of Sydney currently comprises 8 scientific staff and 7 support staff, and he currently supervises 4 postgraduate students. Professor Park has published more than 100 scholarly research papers, and with two colleagues co-authored a book that has become a standard reference in the field of wheat rust genetics.

We can not deny our pride in receiving such illustrious people interested in knowing our work.

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